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Anonymous asked: Whats your take on JC Chasez "Untill Yesterday"? because JT did work on that? Do you think its purely a JC story or a JT story also?


Have you heard of the other songs that they worked together such as “You Ruined Me” and “SLEPT WITH MY BEST FRIEND”? I inquired into the background of these songs (of course lol) and found nothing. Either they wrote together or Justin gave them to JC but whatever the fact is, they must have been written around 2007 and they all have that “How could you do this to me!!!!!!” vibe that Justin songs always have.

Justin had no role in writing You Ruined Me or Slept With My Best Friend.

SWMBF was released in the MusicFreedom days. 2004.

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*NSYNC’s Record Label Makes Dreams Come True With The Release Of The Essential *NSYNC Two-Disc Album




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*NSYNC’s record label has released a new greatest hits album entitled The Essential *NSYNC. That’s right folks. A NEW *NSYNC ALBUM!

The label decided to do this without telling any of the band members, as is evident by both Lance Bass and the official *NSYNC’s recent…

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Whose dream was it for a 3rd greatest hits album? Hyperbole isn’t cute.

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Beatlemaniacs, Beliebers, Directioners — why do they scream?


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